Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Favorite Posts of 2010

I really enjoy making lists, can you tell? I made a Top 10 Portrait List and you will soon get a “resolution” list as well as a 2010 recap list. So, look forward to seeing more lists from me in the future.  Speaking of lists, here are my five favorite blog posts in 2010. I started blogging in August, so it’s not a whole years worth to choose from, but still a decent amount. Anyways, here it goes:
5.  Symmetry: I really love this photo of the Brooklyn Bridge. I took this back in 2009 and the symmetry still resides in my mind. This was my first trip to New York! The photo is a great way to remember the experience. Speaking of New York, I’ll be leaving for the big apple in a week!! Time to start making lists of what to bring and all the things I want to accomplish/see on the trip.
4. Orange October: This is one of two favorite San Francisco Giants related posts. Now, keep in mind we were still in the playoffs when all these shenanigans were going on. The cupcakes, the pumpkins, the pride… I think the support really made the World Series win possible.
3. Serena and Gia: This is something I’ve very proud of. This was my first time photographing Serena and my first maternity shoot. Everything turned out even better than I could have imagined. Thanks Serena!
2. Lola Rain, the Model: Now, you know that I love Lola Rain, so of COURSE she is going be somewhere in my top list. I love Lola Rain as an artist and as a model, but her modeling skills really inspire me to take amazing photographs. Her expression and ease around the camera make a picture a photo.
1. 2010 San Francisco Giants World Series Parade:  This is hands down my favorite post of the year. This is one moment that I will never forget. The thrill and pride that one city can have for a team is unbelievable. Maybe I’m bias, but I believe that San Francisco has the best fans in the country, maybe the world. :)
Are these your favorite Natalie Schlegel Photography Posts?!

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