Friday, October 29, 2010

Orange October

UgH!! I've been horrible lately! I haven't posted since October 1st? Shame on me. Life has been busy. Work has been busy since it's the end of the quarter, I traveled to Vermont for a wedding and, most importantly, THE GIANTS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!! This is serious stuff people. I've been glued to the TV and have been engulfed in Giants fever. Phrases like, “Fear the Beard”, “Let Timmy Smoke” and “Giants Baseball: Torture” have been spilling out of my mouth all month long. It’s been a thriller and we are only 2 games away!!
So, in honor of the magnificent San Francisco Giants, I have devoted my Halloween activities to the Giants and Orange October. First off, My friend Brenda is a DIE hard Giants fan. I mean, no one loves the Giants like her. So, I went to her house to help her and her siblings carve pumpkins and we HAD to dedicate our pumpkins accordingly. This is the result.

Also, her lovely younger sister carved a scary, mean face. Appropriate? Yes, because we are going to scare those Texans far, far away.  

Other Halloween activities that turned into Giants mania? CUPCAKES!!

Here are a few of my favorites up close and personal...


FEAR THE BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, they are amazing. Enough Said. A few girl friends came over for a Glee/Cupcake decorating party. It was magical and the results couldn’t have been better. Well I hope you all enjoyed this long post! I feel like I had to make up for lost time. I will be trying to post more photos soon! Oh, and as always, more photos are viewable on my Flickr.

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