Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning (Afternoon) Laundry

It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon at my parents house. What to do? Well, i did my nails (see picture above), laundry and i'm planning to help my mom make dinner after she's done skyping (yes she can use skype) with her cousin in Germany.  All this while watching the Giants kick some MAJOR Dodger booty. It's a nice relaxing afternoon thus far. 

I've also spent this afternoon thinking about what on earth to do with life. Do you ever feel like your brain isn't being stimulated? You don't have enough hobbies? Since I've graduated from college I've been struggling with not feeling... useful? useful probably isn't the right word, but I guess I just miss learning and stimulating my brain on a daily basis, learning new things and being interested in new topics or ideas. This has led me to think about what i'm interested and what I would want to do on the creative side of things.

I read Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies and Lola's Bohemian Rain on a daily basis. I know Hannah and Alexa and they are both extremely creative people. They both create such amazing pieces of art and it's really inspiring to see it all play out. Reading their blogs makes me want to paint. It's something that I was always interested in, but I never thought I had the talent. Painting seems so relaxing and therapeutic.

Music has always been a big thing in my life, I'm sure it is in yours too. When I was younger I played the piano and I've been wanting to pick it up again. Sometimes I beat myself up about giving it up. When I was younger I didn't want to practice or put time into it. I wish my parents forced me to do it. I would be so grateful for it now. 

Working out is another "hobby" that I need to keep up with. It's SO hard to get back into a routine when you get sick or go on vacation. After a recent sickness I find myself being lazy and wanting to watch movies all day. I just need to get up and motivate myself. It's so much easier when you have a friend to work out with. 

That's about where I am with ideas. Of course I want to continue with photography, that's a given. I have a few project ideas on that front, but I want to do more. Any ideas? What do you do to stimulate your brain? Any good hobbies I could try?


  1. You can do anything you put your mind to girl! You have a creative soul and that's all you need! You should take some art classes! xoxo

  2. i completely agree with hannah! you are a creative soul and can create whatever you set your sweet little heart to! i'm going to send you the link to the painting class i took. they are repeating it next month and it would be perfect for you! you don't need a lick of painting experience. i also totally picture you playing piano like marketa;)

  3. Thanks ladies! It's nice to have people that believe in you. I think that painting class will be right up my alley along with some other soft of art classes. AWW like Marketa! that would be amazing, then I'd just need my Glen.