Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lola Rain, the Model

Awhile back I wrote a post tilted Lola Rain, The Artist. Not only is Lola Rain an amazing artist, but she is also one of my favorite models.  I believe this is because she knows what it’s like to be behind the camera. In theory, this makes it easier for her to understand angels and depth, but she’s also just a natural at it. She’s graceful and alive. There are so many ways to read into her emotions. I ask you to look at each photo individually and see if you can understand what I mean and see what I feel.
Lola the Lonely Prom Queen

Lola and the Carnation

Run Lola, Run!
Lola the princess, looking for an escape from castle grounds.
Lola and the Four Flowers

Lola and the Mystery.

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