Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Man (or Woman) and Animal

There is a crazy connection between a person and their pets. Whether it’s man and dog or woman and horse, it amazes me how people can connect so strongly to their animals. My friend Leslie is alllllllllllll about her pets. She is currently studying to become a veterinarian and her passion for animals pours out of her every day. She has a dog, cat, horse and guinea pig, all of which she loves and care for equally. That’s dedication.

My boyfriend Max has always cared about his dogs. A few years ago his dog Lily died of old age and a bad hip, needless to say it’s heart breaking when you lose your dog. Now, he has the lovely Stella Bella of the Oakland hills (as his mom would call her) and he loves running in the backyard with her and training her basics.

Writing this makes me miss my dog Teddy!! I wish he could have moved in with me when I moved out of my parent’s house. Thankfully I get to visit him whenever I want.

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  1. awwww! i love pets! alex and i cannot stand waiting for the day we are able to get a golden retriever puppy. they literally make me tear up when i see them b/c i'm so in love.