Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 San Francisco Giants World Series Parade

That's right people. Unless you live in a hole, you should know that the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. Well, they came home to a magical city with amazing fans ready to celebrate their win. The parade was OUT OF CONTROL. I mean, Montgomery Street has never been so alive. White and orange confetti was falling from the sky non-stop and the streets were painted orange and black. It was Magical. The city really came together. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. More photos are available to view on my Flickr.

People Looking from their office buildings.

Lou Seal!!

MOTHER FUCKING STEVE PERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Man Bruce

Ross the Boss

Huff Daddy and the Rally Thong

BUMBUM! I love him. Some people say my boyfriend looks like him :)


Confetti left behind

All the confetti was left behind after everyone cleared the street.

Oh, and one last note. I could NOT be happier that the parade went right in front of my office. I have never been more thankful to work on Montgomery Street. OHH and the highlight of the parade for me?!? Steve Perry! DUUHHH! If you don't know that I'm a Journey fan, you know now. :)

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