Monday, January 31, 2011

Sand Dollar Graveyard

Saturday morning I went for a leisurely walk on Ocean Beach with Kayla and Brenda. All three of us have the "resolution" to kick our booties into shape and we've been making a pretty good effort (just this week) at meeting that goal. We elected to walk Ocean beach, Taraval to the Cliff House and back. It was a great walk with good company and great conversation. Not to mention a BUTT load of amazing dogs along the way. I couldn't take a walk on the beach without my camera, so of course I snapped away. Here are some of the highlights!

Brenda and Kayla

Sand Dollars

It was freezing. I call this dedication. 

Sand Dollar Graveyard

Sand Dollars Broken to Peices

Sand Dollar Graveyard 

Drift wood 

Drift wood giraffe head 


Bird Poop Island

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