Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals, Not Resolutions

I don’t do resolutions. I guess I just don’t like the word. Call them goals, aspirations, objectives or even wishes, but resolution is too strong of a word for me. Call it a “to do list” if you will, just not a resolution. Resolution means to be resolved or resolute. It’s the result of something or a solution to a problem.  I don’t feel like I have anything to resolve from 2010, so here is my list of aspirations for 2011.
1.       Read More Books: I recently found a list of 30 books to read before you turn 30. I’d like to get though them all before I’m 30! I think I’ve only read 5 or so. I have a few more years to get this down. Maybe I’ll put a dent in it.

2.       Take More Photos: That’s right. This blog is all about my photos. I need to provide you all with more material! I have a few projects planned/brainstormed so stay tuned!

3.       Cook, not Bake, but still Bake: Reason why I gained so much weight in 2010? I baked more cupcakes then I could eat, and then I ate them. I need to work on cooking healthier meals and not bake as often. All the energy I placed into baking needs to but put into cooking.  Thankfully, I think this will be possible because of my wonderful Christmas gift of “Joy of Cooking” aka the Bible of cooking. It will also be hard because of my amazing new Kitchen Aid mixer.This leads into…

4.       Get In Shape: Go to the gym, work out, go for walks, hikes, stuff like that. Pretty self explanatory. It's the typical "resolution" that most people make.

5.       Stop drinking: maybe not stop completely, but cool it down. With all the beer I drink it’s no wonder I gained some pounds in 2010. Talk about Calories. It’s harder to get into shape when you drink, so slow it down I will.

6.       Travel: Well, so far this is a good one. I’m going to NYC in early January (wish me luck that I don't get snowed in!!!) for a mini vacation with the girls. I’d like to travel out of the country, go see Europe. I’ll settle with a trip to Hawaii.

7.       Get Over My Fear of Babies: I’ve never changed a diaper, EVER.  I really don’t plan on it anytime soon, but two of my friends had babies last year, so this is something I’m going to have to get over. Also, when I have kids I’m gonna have to know what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll just adopt.

8.       Go to More Sporting Events: I was only able to make it do three or four baseball games last year and a few Warriors games. I’ve only been to a Raiders game, but still no Niners game. My Goal Is to go to a Niners game in 2011. I have a few more Warriors tickets for this season and I for sure plan on getting Giants Tickets, so this one seems easy enough.

9.       Find More Fun Free Stuff to do in the City: Sure, I read Fun Cheap SF, but I rarely go to the events. I need to start going and become a woman of the city.

10.   Venture out of the Sunset: Yes, I said it. I live in the Sunset, work in the FiDi, and then go home to the Sunset. In many ways I really just stay on my side of market street. I go to the Marina, the Richmond, North Beach, Golden Gate Park, but I’m almost never in the Mission, Potrero Hill, Noe Valley, and those are the neighborhoods that have some of the best food! Need to get out more….

Now, All I need to do is post this list in my cube at work on the fridge in my house. This way I’ll see it and be reminded. I feel like all of these are easy enough. The only hard one will be getting my ass to the gym. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Great list Nat! I totally think posting the list around makes a big difference went it comes to follow through! I plan on doing the same:) Have a fabulous time in the NYC!!!!

  2. Thanks Hannah!! I wish I could see you while i'm out there!!