Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a Hell of a Town! Final Thoughts

Ah! So as you can see from days one, two, three, four and five, New York was a blast! We ate some great food, met up with friends and saw the sights. I wish I took more photos! There was so much to take in, but sometimes it’s better to just absorb it then try to photograph every little thing you see. Also, when it’s 27degrees outside you aren’t very motivated to whip your camera out at a moment’s notice. Your fingers freeze! And call me paranoid, but I was afraid to wear my camera around my neck for fear of it freezing into a million pieces.
Well, our sixth and final day was spent getting food in SoHo, attempting to go into some shops, and going to Russ and Daughters to get some bagels. Brenda and I were leaving that evening to go back to SF and Kayla and Devin were staying for a few more days, so we ended up splitting up. Brenda and I went to SoHo and grabbed coffee and crepes, got some delish bagels and then “attempted” to shop. I was SO not in the mood to shop. It’s so annoying to go into a warm store, get so hot you can’t move and then go back into the cold. Not to mention, by the end of the trip I was basically broke and had no money to shop. It’s not very motivating to be in a store when you can’t buy anything. Anyways, our SoHo trip was short lived, mostly thanks to me. So sorry Brenda, I know you could have shopped all day!

Russ and Daughters! Great Bagels!

After SoHo, it was back to Time Square to do some final souvenir shopping and then back to the hotel to finish packing up and head to JFK, get on a plane and arrive back at SFO!
All and all it was an amazing trip! However, there are some things that I wish I did, like take a boat ride around the statue of liberty, go to the Empire State Building, see ground zero and visit Wall Street. There were things that I loved about NY like the bagels, our morning Starbucks runs, Broadway and easy access to shopping pretty much everywhere. I REALLY disliked that there weren’t toilet seat covers, like anywhere. Also finding a liquor store was hard. Not to mention the odd hours. You could only buy wine and hard liquor at a liquor store, no beer. Beer was only for sale at convenience stores. SO WEIRD! Totally not used to that. As we were in NY we also made a few observations about the people. They like to yell at each other on the phone and for the most part a lot of New Yorkers are rude, at least the ones that we ran into, with the exception of the guy that worked at the corner kiosk.
Thanks again Kayla and Brenda! And Congratulations Kayla on graduating from SF State! (The trip was a celebration of her graduation.) I know you ladies had a blast! It was an adventure from start to finish. Here are my absolute 5 favorite photos from the trip!

Devin and Kayla

View of the city from Central Park

Top of the Rock

Drag Queen before la cage aux folles Broadway show

Thanks For reading about my trip! I hope to travel back to NYC soon, maybe even embark on another east coast adventure. What's next? Boston, Washington DC, Chicago? I guess you'll have to wait and see!

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