Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation for Monday

Oh Mondays, I have this love/hate relationship with you. I love starting off a new week, but I hate waking up early after two days of sleeping till noon and watching TV/football all weekend. In an effort to gain some motivation, I thought I’d surf Etsy for a few things that motivate me and keep me motivated for the work week ahead. Enjoy :)

Cancer-8x8 Art Print by MursBlanc

PRINT - Today is the day by thebigharumph
Keep Calm and Say Cheese Print by Queensspoof

I love you more then cupcakes 13x19 by ecceprints 

Enjoy the simple things by ParadaCreations

Snow White Nerdy 15 macbook by Vinylstudio
Yes, a random mixture of things, but the still keep me motivated and excited for what this week brings. Happy Monday everyone!

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