Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's A Hell of a Town! Part Two

Ahh!! Day Two, A hell of a day. (And don't forget to check out Day One).This was by far my favorite day of the trip. We woke up early and got so much done!
We woke up at 9:00am and were out the door by 10:00am. We walked towards Times Square (Starbucks pit stop first) and made our way to the TKTS booth to find out when we could by tickets for a Broadway show. Turns out we didn’t have to get in line till 2pm for those evenings performances, so we had some time to kill. Where to start? Well, we were already in Times Square so we hit up the Disney store as well as a few other stores.  We walked over to Rockefeller Plaza (saw Radio City Music Hall on the way) and got a quick view of the Today Show and even saw Kathy Lee Gifford! (well from a far at least.) We walked around the Plaza, watched people ice skate and then bought our tickets for the Top of the Rock.

Radio City!

Kathy Lee Gifford in the back!

Brenda and Kayla
 Let me tell you, Top of the Rock was an experience. You walk into an elevator thinking it’s just a normal elevator and you’ll have a peaceful ride to the top. Then, it turns on you, and music turns on, some lady starts talking to you, and you can see though the elevator ceiling. You see yourself flying to the top of the building though the elevator shaft. For someone, like me, who is kind of just a little scared of elevators, it was pretty scary. Of course, we make it to the top just fine and the views are breathtaking. Here are some of the highlights.

After Top of the Rock we had an hour to kill before we waited in line for our Broadway tickets, so the little kids in us made our way to FAO Schwarz! And little girls we were! We played on the Big Piano, looked at all the Barbie dolls, took out photos with “New York City” and goofed around with Harry Potter memorabilia and stuffed animals. Once our time was up at FAO we headed back to time square to wait in line for Broadway tickets.

Loubie's for Barbie

$25,000 worth of fun

the Big Piano!

waiting in line for tickets

It turned out to be not that bad of a wait. There were promoters for various shows walking around and trying to get you to see their show. The lovely girl for La Cage Aux Folles gave us a tip, “ask for Cabaret tickets! There are tables right in front of the stage and dancers will come and dance on your table!”  This pretty much sold us on seeing the show, it’s also currently staring Kelsey Grammer. My friend Kayla is the BIGGEST Frasier fan, so it was a done deal.
We were in the beginning of the line so once it started moving were we at the box office within 15 minutes. Once we got to the box office the most unhappy looking, yet really nice gentleman helped us get our cabaret tickets! We were SOOO excited! Kelsey Grammer up close and personal! We went back to the hotel, washed up, changed and we were off to Broadway! The show was phenomenal and we even got to meet Kelsey Grammer after the show! I got his autograph and deeply held back the feeling to shout something inappropriate about The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

Drag Queen before the show!


Brenda with one of the cast members
After the show we ate a late dinner and called it a night. After all, we were exhausted from running around all day! Day two was by far my favorite day in the city.

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  1. I LOVE those Louby's! I love coco. I love that cast member. AND I LOVE NYC.