Monday, March 21, 2011

Where I Come From

It really has been a blast looking at old photos. I still have a lot more to come, but today I'm going to focus on my fathers side of the family. The photo above is my great grandparents Anna and Jan. They gave birth to Marie, the beautiful young woman in the following set of photos. Marie married Vaclav (pictured next to Marie) and they had my dad Joe and his brother (also named)Vaclav, which are pictured in the last set of photos. 

For me, this is a long line of family history. It seems like throughout the years a lot of photos have not been kept, or have been spread out to different family members. My parents left their home countries in their early twenties, so a lot of left behind. 

Again, this set of photos is of my dad and his younger brother Vaclav. Unfortunately, I was never given the opportunity to meet either Vaclav. My grandfather died in his early 50s and my uncle died when he was 40, both of heart attacks. Clearly heart attacks run in my family, my father had a heart attack in his early 60s and was thankfully given a second chance at life. He's changed his diet and began a cardio routine to stay active. One day I want to be able to meet my grandchildren. For me this means staying active. Heart attacks run on my fathers side of the family and diabetes run in my mothers. eek. I look forward to the day that I can show there photos to my children and grandchildren. Thank you parents for holding on to these memories. 


  1. again, SO amazing! the top photo belongs in a photography book! so powerful. you are so lucky you found all these photos!! i wish i had all that history myself. p.s. take care of yourself! no heart attacks or diabetes for you please!

  2. Thanks lola, yeah i gotta take care of myself! Everyone really should. And yes, I feel very lucky to have these. Thanks for the comment!