Thursday, March 3, 2011

feel good, be good and do good

Something that has always made me feel good is music. One little thing can go wrong during the day and it’s all turned around with a song. I’m a SUCKER for classic rock, so if I’m feeling down or uninspired I’ll listen to Journey’s, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” For the record, I know this song is totally over played but I could care less. It’s my jam. You want proof? In high school my friends and I used to drive in my convertible (top town of course) blasting and screaming the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believin’.” More proof? The lyrics, “don’t stop believin’, hold on to that feelin’” are forever embedded in my senior yearbook under my picture. That’s dedication my friend.
Anyways, music is a real ‘pick me up’ for me, I’m sure it is for you too. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele. The Adele station on Pandora is on point! It’s made me re-fall in love with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin. My iPod is now filled with these artists (and many like them). The songs are so pure of heart and honest. No cussing and no bashing. They are mostly positive and upbeat. The artists weren’t trying to be someone they weren’t.  They certainly didn’t need to wear dresses made out of meat to be noticed (don’t get me wrong I love lady Gaga). Old school music just has so much more depth to it. The song that I am currently stuck on is Aretha’s, “Sisters are going it for themselves.” Maybe I’ve watched “The First Wives Club” one too many times in my life, but this song is original girl power. Ladies, if you are ever feeling down and out, give this a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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