Friday, March 4, 2011

Flickr Friday: the decision

the decision, originally uploaded by Ąиđч.

Yesterday I discussed how music can turn a bad day around or inspire you to turn something negative into something positive. I was browsing Flickr and came across this photo. Now, records aren’t exactly the desired form in which we listen to our music nowadays, but this photo represents (to me) how promising a new record/album/song can be. I know I’m almost too young to remember the days of actual music stores and CD’s/records/cassettes, but there was always a thrill about walking into a store, not knowing what you will find and falling in love with a new artist or song.

Records remind me of having an all-around good time. Some of my favorite family moments are when we listen to old records with playing cards together. There is something about records that bring people together.

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