Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haus of GaGa

Lalala.. Ok, I have a confession to make. I've LOVED Britney Spears my entire existence, until Sunday. I was lucky enough to get tickets to Britney Spear's free concert at Bill Gram Civic Auditorium in San Francisco for her Good Morning America taping. What a disappointment. Home girl doesn't sing live, (duh, she never did) barely dances and has no life to her. She's a puppet, almost a zombie. She's lost her performance gene. Her album on the other hand is phenomenal! It's a dance album with decent beats and catchy lyrics. It brings out the young teenager or the club goer in me. Performance, not so much. Maybe this youtube video will help you understand.. not to mention the editing here is horrible in my opinion. 

From seeing Lady Gaga perform just last week, Brit Brit isn't even close to the power house that is Lady Gaga. Gaga has heart, ambition, attitude, she sings all her song live (she makes a point to tell everyone this during the concert) and most importantly, she WANTS to be there. Britney, I love you, but you've lost it. I'm sorry. Regardless, the photo above is from my "pre-party" Monster Ball pictures. Just to show my dedication to my girl Gaga and brit I still love you, but not as much. I went off on a tangent, my bad. 

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