Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kendell and Bentley

Father and son, there isn’t anything like it in the world (well minus mother and child). There is a strong bond between a father and his son. They bond together through gender and something tells me that boys listen to their fathers more than they do to their mothers (correct me if I’m wrong). Seeing the way that Bentley interacted vs. the way that Gia interacted, it’s obvious that even at such a young age there is such a powerful difference between genders. The faces that Bentley makes are much more “leave me alone” or “don’t you dare try to wake me up right now” where as Gia is more like, “mommy please let me sleep longer” and “please hold me I want to cuddle” faces. This really showed the difference between the masculine and feminine side of things, it’s kinda of an eye opener to me. Then again, this is only with the two babies I’ve encountered, so who knows! Either way they are both the cutest little babes ever.

Any who… Here are some of the shots that I took of Kendell and his son Bentley.

The connection is very strong between these two. You can really sense how connected Kendell is to Bentley and vice versa.  

Thanks Kendell and Bentley! You guys were great models.


  1. LOVE these shots Nat- especially the last one- his tattoos look amazing in contrast to the fresh baby skin- so fabulous!- great artistic vision!