Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Gonna Upgrade You

My new Mac Book Pro and my old, dead mac book :(

I don’t know where I would be today without my Apple computer. No joke people. Growing up I had PC after PC and every single one got a virus and DIED. When I started college I made my parents get me a Mac Book. There was no way I was going to get a PC for the four most important school years of my life. My little Mac Book lasted all though college, no viruses, no breaking down and if I ever had the slightest problem I just took my Mac to the Apple store Genius Bar and it was fixed!
That’s why there was no hesitation when it came time to purchase a new computer. My Mac Book was good to me, but old age isn’t easy for a computer. Five years had gone by and my little Mac Book was starting to lose its senses. After one too many “oops I dropped it” incidences it decided it couldn’t hold on any longer. The screen was basically dead. I had to hold the upper left corner in order for it to slightly function.
The time came for me to make the biggest purchase of my adult life, a new Mac Book Pro. Let me tell you, this was LONG overdue. I was using my “screen not working” Mac Book for about 5 months. I FINALLY saved up enough money to get my new computer and the rewards are endless. Photo editing is easier with the new Photoshop Elements 9 and I can see more colors more clearly. This is by far the best purchase ever. Totally worth it. Not to mention, the people at the Apple Store are BEYOND helpful and I was able to transfer all my data from my old computer to my new computer with Apple’s One to One program. I’d have to say this is one of the best decisions I’ve made all year! That goal list I made at the beginning of the year is getting easier and easier.
Speaking of Upgrades, I got this song in my head even though it has NOTHING to do with upgrading computers.



  1. Thats my song girl!

    And that is sooo exciting about the new computer-that will be my next big investment when I have to purchase a new one! Good for you:)

  2. Ah! I'm glad you liked the song! It was in my head and I couldn't resist not posting it. And thanks! It's a big investment but I think its totally been worth it.