Monday, February 14, 2011

Shades of Red and Pink

You know it's Valentine's Day when it's raining outside and there are swoons of people lining up in front of the flower shop. This picture might not be as sharp as I would like it to be (I took it with my Android) but it gives you a feel for how many people are buying flowers today.

I’m guilty. I was the recipient of a BEAUTIFUL display of flowers this afternoon. They were delivered to my office and everything! The best part was the enthusiasm from the delivery man. A grumpy looking man walks into my office, looks around and says, “Who’s Natalie?” I jump out of my seat with an unusually peppy, “I am!” and proceed to walk over to him. He basically shoves the flowers in my face and says, “These are for you.” He turns around and walks out the door. I could tell that today is NOT his favorite day of the year. It’s ok though, because his delivery made my day and he made me laugh! So, as for me not liking Valentine’s Day or being impartial? Maybe I gave in. What girl doesn’t love roses and carnations?

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