Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling Lucky

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I’m feeling pretty lucky today, for several silly little reasons, but it’s the little things that make me happy.
Earlier this year I got to see Lady Gaga in the Monster Ball and Britney Spears for her Good Morning America taping. Clearly I’m into all the girly music. Any who,  June will be an amazing concert/event month for me. I’m going to see Adele (after blood sweat and tears to get tickets), Natasha Bedingfield and I’ll be going to the SF Giants game on my birthday (they are giving away Huff bobble heads!!)  June 2011 might be the best birthday month ever. What will make it even better? My friend Alexa is painting me a masterpiece for my birthday! She gave me a sneak peak on her blog today and I couldn’t be happier! In my mind it will also serve as an excellent house warming gift as I have just been informed that I have to move (my landlord is selling his house).
Lots of change and exciting things ahead, now I just need to work on my hobbies, photography and apartment hunting…. Wish me luck! Apartment hunting is such a bother. I need to focus on staying positive.

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