Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Merrill

Congratulations Alex and Alexa!! I could not be happier for these two! Also could not be happier that I made it out to this magical wedding. I wasn’t allowed to us my flash during the ceremony (the real photographer scolded me for it) so the pictures are a little dark. I’ll say that the ceremony was very emotional. The Ceremony started with The Frames “Falling Slowly” and I INSTANTLY wept like a baby. I happen to know the connection they have with this song. From there on out it was all tears and hyperventilating for me. The vows were perfect and SOO Alex and Alexa. The ceremony was short and sweet and Alexa walked down the aisle to a Led Zeppelin song! How great is that?

After the Ceremony there was a cocktail hour when they went off to take phone and then off to the reception! I’d like to think I got a good photo of the two of them arriving to the reception.

The night way perfect! Great food and great company! Once again, Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Merrill! And thank you for having me and max!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I will see you weeping like a baby once the videographer sends us the fabulous DVD of our wedding. Man, I never get sick of seeing these photos:) Such a happy day!! Thanks for all your kind words!