Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Beautiful Bride

There is something so majestic and beautiful about being a bride. Granted, I’ve never been one, but watching your friends get married lets you witness a whole different side of someone. When love is in the air it radiates through the room, it’s a wonderful thing to experience. The joy and happiness that come from the friends and family is delightful to witness. There really is nothing like a wedding to bring people together.

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful venue for a wedding. It’s funny how a place so busy and crowded can feel so intimate and close. There are several weddings taking place at the same time and tons of couples running around and taking photos. Yet, among all the hustle and bustle Aileen stood out from so many other brides. She carried a sense of calm and serenity that many others didn’t seem to possess, and it shows in her photos. She was a beautiful blushing bride.

The brides stunning bouquet

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