Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking Care of Business

I have an exciting project ahead of me! My friend Serena owns a salon in the Sunset called TCB Salon (TCB as in Taking Care of Business). It’s a cute, perfectly pink salon named in honor of Elvis and his motto "Taking Care of Business". Serena has kindly offered her wall space to feature my photos! I am beyond thrilled that she has given me this opportunity and I began to compile a photo set together. I’ve taken a LOT of photos of tress, grass, leaves and things in nature so I decided I would go with a nature focused set, at least for now. My inspiration came from this photo…

My idea is to center this photo, as if the woman pictured is gazing at all the images around her. She’s peaking though the rusty door looking at all the things nature has to offer. Then, I would proceed to hang some of the following images around this central photo…


When it all comes together I think it’s going to look fabulous! The great thing is that in a month ot two I can switch the photos up with another themed project. It’s going to be fun playing around new themes and really getting focused on a project. I’m looking forward to giving the salon a little touch of my photography.
If you or anyone you know is looking for a new hair stylist, Serena is your girl, she takes care of business! If you want to contact her for a cut and/or color the Salon number is (415) 684-0308. Serena does amazing work and I wouldn’t trust my hair with anyone but her.

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