Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Go Girls!


About a month ago my grammar school friend Alicia (SCIP) asked if I could take photos for her Susan G. Koman, You Go Girls, Team. I immediately obliged and was beyond excited to have a project that was meaningful and inspirational. 

I've know Alicia and her family for a pretty long time. In grammar school we played on athletic teams together and her oldest sister Suzanna was even my coach for a few years. Alicia, Cindy, and Suzanne not only went to grammar school with me, but we all went to the same high school. In 2006, their mom MaryAnne was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought hard and was able to beat it, but in 2011 she learned that her cancer had returned and after a strong fight she lost the battle.  To read more about MaryAnne's journey and to donate to team You Go Girls, Click Here

Want to know an easy way to donate? Go out to 7 Mile Sports Bar and Grill this Sunday June 9th from noon to 4 PM to get your buzz on and a portion of your purchase will go towards team You Go Girls. :)

The theme for the photo shoot was "Save the..."and believe it or not, there are a ton of different words and phrases to save the....

Save the... jugs, melons, knockers, cans, hooters.... Save The Boobies! :)

One of the highlights of the day for me was photographing Bob, Suzanne, Cindy and Alicia. I know that their bond has always been strong, but it's clear that their mom has brought them even closer. 

Thank you to the Short family for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family and your team, I know your mom would be so proud of everything you are doing to support breast cancer research, you go girls :)


  1. Natalie thank you so much! These are amazing. And I totally cried.

  2. Love Love LOVE!